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Shenzhen Xing Hui Teng Plastic Co., Ltd.
कई विशेष चीज़ों वाला आपूर्तिकर्ता
मुख्य उत्पादों: अशुद्ध चमड़े, कार फिल्म; पारदर्शी फिल्म; चेचक फिल्म; स्टेशनरी फिल्म; सजावटी फिल्म, vinyl चमड़े, मुलायम पीवीसी फिल्म, Dichroic इंद्रधनुषी फिल्म, TPU फिल्म
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बुनियादी जानकारी
Shenzhen Xinghuiteng Plastic Co., Ltd, located in shenzhen south China industrial raw materials city, is a collection of r &d, design, production, sales in the integration of large-scale plastic technology manufacturers. Company since its inception, adhering to the "quality first, customer first" the management policy, adhere to the "good faith to build brand, with quality assurance products" experience, adherence to "science and technology, service first" business philosophy, and strive to meet the diverse needs of customers. Through the continuous development of enterprise itself, now has a complete and scientific quality management system and a large number of energetic, creative professionals, to ensure the advanced product technological sophistication and style. We know that "quality is enterprise's life", so the products in the process of manufacturing a full inspection of the practices and laid a good foundation for product quality. In the competition and development, expand continuously, continuous innovation, to the color taking more high-quality product to depict the future blueprint. Our main products are: 1. The PVC transparent film, super transparent film and golden onion powder transparent material. 2. The blowing film, raincoat film, stationery, fever, soft glass. 3. Paris diamond, magritte, golden onion powder, etc. Series of products. 4. Environmental protection, TPU, EVA, PEVA, and environmental protection of PVC film. 5. All kinds of A grain of light plastic, high-grade leather. Product variety, the most in stock, and comply with relevant standards and lower toxicity, EN - 71 part 3,ASTM - 963, Swiss standard low phenol < 5 PPM, does not contain phosphorus phthalates, azo free, PAHS standard, etc. Product is suitable for gifts, packaging, bags, shoes, handbags clothing and furniture, etc. In our foreign trade, we always adhere to the principle of fair and win-win. We can provide customers with flexible ways of cooperation, can undertake incoming sample ordering, can also be designed for customer development. We sincerely hope that with you to establish a broad and lasting business relationship. We will make you believe, we will try our best, we realized in the benefit and common development on the friendship. This is our constant pursuit, we will serve you wholeheartedly
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व्यापार के प्रकार
कई विशेष चीज़ों वाला आपूर्तिकर्ता
Guangdong, China
मुख्य उत्पादकुल कर्मचारी
11 - 50 People
कुल वार्षिक राजस्व
स्थापना वर्ष
उत्पाद प्रमाणन
मुख्य बाजार

उत्पाद क्षमता

उत्पादन प्रवाह

उत्पादन उपकरण

Membrane Production Line

फैक्टरी जानकारी

फैक्टरी का आकार
1,000-3,000 square meters
फैक्टरी का स्थान
No. 108, Building L08, First Phase, Leather Goods Logistics Area, Huanan International, Huanan Avenue, Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China
उत्पादन लाइनों की संख्या
अनुबंध विनिर्माण
OEM Service Offered
वार्षिक उत्पादन मूल्य
Below US$1 Million

वार्षिक उत्पादन क्षमता

उत्पाद नाम
उत्पादन लाइन क्षमता
वास्तविक इकाइयों उत्पादित (पिछले वर्ष)
Car Film; Transparent Film; Smallpox Film; Stationery Film; Decorative Film
1,000 Tons / Month

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